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Glamour & Gains

Mar 26, 2019

Finding the Balance: Corrective exercises, daily habits, breathing, and living pain-free.

This episode might sound about as much fun as watching paint dry and 1 you want to skip but bear with me as good postures not just about looks. Poor posture has been directly related to issues such as neck & back pain, migraines,...

Mar 14, 2019

All The Beauty Tips You Need to Know on How to Prep Your Body Head to Toe! Preparing for any special event in your life whatever it is; whether a wedding, graduation, pageant, photoshoot, or vacation can be time-consuming and expensive enough without adding to the stress of researching and adding new things to your...

Mar 11, 2019

Why a Quick Fix Approach to Fitness and Weight Loss Doesn’t Work!

Everyone wants a miracle pill, tea, diet, and workout but the truth is, there isn’t one. It all comes down to a lifelong commitment and holistic approach to how you’re moving your body and what you’re consuming.

Are you going to stick to that diet...

Mar 11, 2019

Fit, Fun, & Fabulous Ideas to Share With Your Partner

Episode 2: Glamour & Gains podcast. Eve Dawes & her husband attending a charity event.

Episode 2: Glamour & Gains podcast. Eve Dawes & her husband attending a charity event.

We know everyone likes to consume their media differently so you can read, listen, or watch this article and every article posted on the Glamour & Gain Blog on FitnessbyEve via...

Mar 11, 2019

Longer Stronger Hair Starts Here

I think most of us put our hair through some serious beating! With everything from air conditioning to heating, to the weather, chlorine, salt water, coloring, hairbands, hairdryers, straighteners and curling irons! I’m definitely guilty of all of those!

I’ve always wanted long,...