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Glamour & Gains

Mar 14, 2019

All The Beauty Tips You Need to Know on How to Prep Your Body Head to Toe!

Preparing for any special event in your life whatever it is; whether a wedding, graduation, pageant, photoshoot, or vacation can be time-consuming and expensive enough without adding to the stress of researching and adding new things to your beauty regime and hoping they work and you don’t react to them!

Over the years; I’ve had to prep for all of those occasions, as Mrs. Nevada, a WBFF Pro and I was also on stage dancing from the age of 4 while trying to keep my skin healthy even after piling on the makeup and sweaty workout sessions and performances under stage lights.  These are some of my favorite beauty tips not just for your face but for your entire body. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion, you can do them anytime and it’s always good to try something new in advance and not last minute.

Start with the basics. Everything from paintings, to walls, to us, looks better with a smooth foundation so exfoliate and moisturize like it’s your job, the sooner you start doing this the better.  This will help to leave your skin glowing, flush out toxins (your skin is your bodies largest organ) and smooth it out so that it’s the perfect canvas for your spray tan. I love Clarisonic (the body brush attachment) and an Exfoliating Body Scrub For Smooth Skin.  Cocoa Butter and coconut oil are both great moisturizers and best applied on damp skin after every shower or bath to lock in as much moisture as possible. Just remember to use sunscreen after applying during the daytime.

Next up the less glamorous topic of hair removal. If you’re planning on spray tanning, when it comes to removing body hair you’re probably going to want to get rid of any body hair that will be visible (besides the hair on your head!). Fuzz free skin will give you that smooth, flawless finish you’re looking for.  It’s a complete myth that it’ll grow back thicker or darker. It may appear that your hair grows back thicker and coarser at first as the hair shaft naturally tapers at the end, so what you typically see are the thinnest portions of your hair. When you shave, however, you are exposing the thicker part of the hair, making it seem as if each individual strand is taking up a bit more space but it’ll feel softer and back to normal as it gets longer. Scientists have actually conducted studies to test whether shaving affects hair growth and proved that it doesn’t.

Just don’t shave directly before tanning as the tanning solution will go into the open hair follicles and leave those little brown dots you might have noticed before if you’ve done that or leave it until the last minute to decide which hair removal method you’re going to use. People react differently to the different types of hair removal methods available and whiteheads, ingrown hairs, rashes, and nicks probably aren’t the look you’re going for!

Is anyone else obsessed with spray tans? I love a tan but over the years have less of a real tan and more fake tans to minimize my time in the sun as much as I love it. While there are lots of great fake tanners you can do at home: Coola and Tan Luxe are my favorites and both are cruelty-free save those for day-to-day and get a professional spray tan for special events for that airbrushed look that you see in the magazines. Plus spray tanning artists are pretty amazing with contouring now so if you don’t have abs you can fake them ;) This is going to sound odd but I’d recommend NOT spray tanning your face, or if you do, only do it lightly.  The tan can end up looking muddy and can come off unevenly plus it tends to dry the skin out.  Your makeup artist or you should easily be able to match and blend your makeup in especially now most of us have a deep color for contouring and bronzer.

You know it’s rare that I talk about beauty without referring to nutrition so it goes without saying to reduce salt, sugar (and if you’re of age, alcohol).  All of these can contribute to bloating/water retention and dull skin, which is the opposite of the glowing, hydrated skin we want.

From about 2 weeks beforehand, don’t chew gum, even the sugar-free kind for a flatter stomach.  This can cause bloating, as chewing gum causes you to swallow excess air.  The enzymes and acids that are activated when you chew gum (but don’t eat) can also cause “bloating, an overproduction of stomach acid, and can compromise your ability to produce sufficient digestive secretions when you actually do eat food” If you’re worried about your breath use those little portable finger toothbrushes or put a travel size mouth and floss in your bag.

Which brings me to teeth. Teeth are one of the biggest factors in making us look older or younger. If your periodic clean doesn’t fall close to your event, think about scheduling another clean to get rid of any plaque build up. Besides your clean, you may want to ask your dentist about Teeth Whitening, if your teeth are healthy and not sensitive. Whether it’s the kind offered by your dentist or the home care kits, a whiter smile always looks more youthful, healthy and fresh and will pop against your tan.  Just don’t go overboard, I’m not suggesting you try to look like Ross from Friends!

If you’re a fresh-faced no makeup kind of a woman great, but if you like your makeup, if it’s a 1-day event and you can afford it, invest in professional hair and makeup.  You’ve worked so hard to look your best for this day and anticipated it for as long as you can remember. If it’s a vacation, you may want to consider eyelash extensions or dying your eyelashes and brows; they’ll save you time doing your makeup when you’re away but still want to look your best but minimize time getting ready so that you can enjoy yourself and relax. Plus, those photos are going to be around for a long time and there are something’s that you can’t photoshop or just end up looking fake. 

Get a manicure and pedicure. Nails compliment your dress and are another chance to express your personality. I’ve always preferred going for the classic shape and pink but you can add glamour with a glittery topcoat, designs, crystals, whatever you’re feeling.

Last thing, smile, relax, pour a glass of champagne and enjoy every minute of your event or vacation that you’ve dreamed of, knowing that you feel and look amazing.

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