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Glamour & Gains

Jun 18, 2019

Best Budget Buys Under $20

International guest Lynn James aka Mrs. Mummypenny, a personal finance expert shares her favorite cruelty-free budget-friendlyy beauty picks that offer the same benefits as the more expensive luxury brands but minus the animal cruelty or hole in your pocket. I used to be scared of budget buys just as you might be and assume that because they’re cheap they’re crap. In some cases that can be true but thankfully with these products, that isn't the case! I’ve linked all of her recommendations via Amazon which all come in at under $15! 

Lynn’s a savvy shopper who loves her beauty and she actually visited me at Dawes Custom Cosmetics Lipstick Lab when she was in Las Vegas to make her custom lipstick.

One of her favorite cruelty-free vegan brands is Kat Von D which I love too (great foundations and mascara) but sometimes these brands can be a little bit out of reach for everyone so Lynn shared with us how to do beauty on a budget and where to save and where to splurge. 

What she found in general was that with moisturizers, toners and even serums she can get away with using products from Aldi who are really famous in the UK for creating dupe products (copies of other more expensive brands).

<h3"1 1 []">Read the full show notes plus some extra research and insights into all of the products:

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