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Glamour & Gains

Sep 15, 2019

This month has been a caffeine and wine fueled crazy ride of a month with work and travel. We are all only human and make mistakes and sometimes drop a ball or 2, like I nearly did with this episode. Listen in if you don't mind my ramblings and how I deal with the insanity from a couple of key quotes I live my...

Aug 11, 2019

You Have The Answers Within

Making positive changes in your life can seem overwhelming and require a lot of deep soul searching. When it comes to changing your life for the better, female empowerment coach Simone Allison has some great tips and insights, whether it’s changing your life path, relationships, or career,...

May 26, 2019

Happy Hours get Happier with Healthier Alternatives

So happy hour rolls around again and who doesn't love socializing? Myself included! I love a good happy hour and 1 of my Instagrams is even @champagne_diary

Cocktail hour (or 2) every now and again never hurt anyone...

Mar 14, 2019

All The Beauty Tips You Need to Know on How to Prep Your Body Head to Toe!

Preparing for any special event in your life whatever it is; whether a wedding, graduation, pageant, photoshoot, or vacation can be time-consuming and expensive enough without adding to the stress of researching and adding new things to your...