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Glamour & Gains

Aug 11, 2019

You Have The Answers Within

Making positive changes in your life can seem overwhelming and require a lot of deep soul searching. When it comes to changing your life for the better, female empowerment coach Simone Allison has some great tips and insights, whether it’s changing your life path, relationships, or career, which she shares in this episode.

Simone is an international bestselling author; her book ‘Disempowered No More’ is a spiritual journey to discovering purpose, power, and passion. 

With everything going on today, there are so many opportunities to create new businesses, there’s changes in relationships and all around us, and some of us might be wanting to make those life changes but are too scared to do it or have no idea even where to even start to be able to make these changes. Simone lays out a very clear 3 step plan for making positive changes in your life.

The talk turns to angels, which I wasn’t expecting, but keep listening or reading to make up your own mind and take the tips that are relevant to you. 

Some of the many questions answered include:

  • What plans you have to have in place to make life changes?
  • When you were going through your spiritual awakening, you had experiences with synchronicities where you knew you were on the right path as you felt that you were receiving divine guidance, can you give us some examples? How you knew you were being guided and going in the right direction?
  • How would you recommend us recognizing angels, how can we be aware of them in our everyday lives so that we can look for the signals and utilize them and utilize their help?

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