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Glamour & Gains

May 12, 2019

On this episode, we're talking about staying fit while traveling as a lot of us work on the road and are really busy as business owners, so it's all about how and why to make fitness a priority in your everyday life, making sure you’re prepared on the road, and you have these great habits you can count on.

Kate & J share with us how they stay fit and healthy wherever they are and why it's important to them. 

Kate is a physical therapist and works with an advanced technology robotic exoskeleton to help paralyzed individuals walk. J, is an entrepreneur, an investor and a coach.Together they own residential assisted living homes as well as have a real estate portfolio.

Create a Plan With 3 Key Strategies:

  1. Consistency. Make it a habit and be intentional, even with a recovery day.
  2. Don't over complicate it. Go in with that intention and plan but keep it simple. Going with some exercises that you know you're going to do and accomplish that, have three or four good workouts, three or four times to soak up 25-30 minutes and then rotate them. Whether you use Instagram or Pinterest or YouTube to find a couple of good performance workouts and you just do a circuit of those.
  3. Have a target. Just like a business or other areas of your life, even a relationship, whatever the goal is it should be realistic.

Favorite fitness apps:

Beach Body App

Class Pass App

Where to find Kate & J:

Kate: Instagram: katealisonaddis

Jared: Instagram  thejaddis

Be sure to follow them, they provide a lot of thought-provoking and inspiring content.

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About Your Host:

Eve Dawes is a fitness professional, WBFF Pro Diva, NASM & REPS certified trainer, and Founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics an all-natural, cruelty-free cosmetic line and


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