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Glamour & Gains

May 26, 2019

Happy Hours get Happier with Healthier Alternatives

So happy hour rolls around again and who doesn't love socializing? Myself included! I love a good happy hour and 1 of my Instagrams is even @champagne_diary

Cocktail hour (or 2) every now and again never hurt anyone but sometimes there are periods of time where they happen more than less and life's too short to say no! I think you should be able to go about your normal way of life (whatever that is to you), not miss out of what you love and still manage to have a healthy lifestyle, with a few simple lifestyle habits. I'm not saying to stick to the healthy alternatives 100% of the time, but if you do so more often than not, you've got much more chance of staying on track!

No one wants to miss out and by making smart choices you don't have to. Simple swaps for all the flavor but way fewer carbs, fat, and sugar. I'm giving you food and drink tips in this episode. For the full show notes check out the blog post:

Enjoy and have a fabulous, fit night out.

About Your Host:

Eve Dawes is a fitness professional, WBFF Pro Diva, NASM & REPS certified trainer, and Founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics an all-natural, cruelty-free cosmetic line and


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