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Glamour & Gains

Apr 29, 2019

Top 5 Travel Beauty Products!

Look, Feel, & Smell Fabulous.

First off, I apologize for the amount of time I say "like” in this particular episode-I have no idea where that habit suddenly came from!!!

On today’s episode, I’m sharing my top 5 things to pack for travel to keep you feeling good, looking good, and smelling fresh.

I thought this would be ideal timing to share this, with everyone trying to plan summer vacations and starting to plan what they pack. 


  1. Sphynx 3 in 1 razor

For on the go touch-ups.

  1. Dawes Custom Cosmetics Miracle hydrating and Plumping Treatment 

I know this might seem like a shameless plug but I create products I truly believe in and that I’d actually use and that have a purpose because I don't want to carry around a million products in my makeup bag, especially when I'm traveling.

  1. Vegan Multi-Purpose Primer

I apply pre and post flight and anytime during for that glowing, hydrated skin. So why vegan when it comes to primers? It comes down to 1 word: chemicals.

  1. Sample Size Perfume

No one wants to arrive smelly and good perfume can cover a multitude of sins! Juno Skincare is kindly offering Glamour & Gains listeners 10% off with code JUNOEVE18

  1. Charming Charlie's Hair Band Bracelet

Super cute bracelet that comes in different color options so you can coordinate with any outfit and it’s also sparkly and I love my sparkle! So then when you wake up at the other end and you've got this static flyaway hair and the pillow has left you with his crazy bed head, you can throw it up in a ponytail or top knot with this band

Have an amazing vacation season, I can't wait to hear about your travels on Instagram and Facebook or in the comments below. 

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